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Supplier Management

Supplier Management provides the tools necessary to manage and analyze supplier relationships. Automatic upload of supplier pricing, supplier pricing and performance analysis, quality inspection with automatic returns to suppliers and maintenance of preferred suppliers are included.

Pricing Upload

Data from suppliers can be uploaded automatically from virtually any type of data file. Data mapping by supplier allows one program to handle multiple file layouts. New inventory items can be automatically added to the inventory master, significantly reducing the time required for adding new suppliers or new products from current suppliers.

3 Way Matching

Tolerance levels can be established by supplier or by supplier and item. These tolerance levels establish acceptable variance percentages for quantity received vs. quantity ordered. Tolerance variance levels are also enforced during Accounts Payable voucher entry for line item and total purchase order value.

 Supplier Returns

During the receipt of suppler shipments, an inspection process can be utilized. Items that are rejected are automatically scheduled for return to the supplier. The return process allows for the generation of pick tickets and packing slips. Freight charges and restocking fees are built into this module.