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Proxy Item Planning


If you can manufacture the same part from different materials, then you should read this!

NDS offers a great manufacturing planning tool that allows you to gather your MRP requirements under a series of generic item numbers, then use up to 6 user-defined characteristics to determine the availability of your actual raw material components to consume the demand. For example, if you stamp steel, and can make the same part by stamping steel of different thickness, carbon rating, etc. then this is for you.

We call this Proxy planning, or spec-controlled items. Proxy items, which represent certain material characteristics, are assigned to the bill of materials. When MRP is run, the demand is calculated for the proxy item. During the manufacturing work order release process, the NDS Proxy Planner compares the characteristics of each proxy item to all of the raw materials and identifies possible raw materials to use. Current inventory availability, such as on-hand and on-order is displayed to facilitate decisions. When one or more components are chosen, a manufacturing work order is created using that component.

Among the features of the NDS Proxy Planner are: Manufacturing work order release is determined based on the availability of any component that matches the requirements. By changing the base specifications of the proxy item, we can run a variety of “what if” scenarios. “What If” scenarios can match exactly, fit between ranges and/or ignore characteristics. This type of planning allows you to use the maximum amount of material, which reduces scrap. Components are selected and manufacturing work orders are created, all from a single screen. The same screen is used to match requirements, select components and release work orders to the production floor.  Pegging and netting information is available in user defined buckets within the user defined horizon period. Orders can be automatically balanced, in order to consume all the on-hand inventory of the selected component.

Along with Spec Controlled planning, NDS also offers other features to help aide in Co-Product Planning and direct communication with the Mills.

The NDS Proxy Planner can be used in environments that use raw materials such as: metals, plastics, paper, packaging, lumber, and many more.


Proxy Planning