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ERP Fulfillment

ERP for Fulfillment

The NDS Fulfillment Manager is an extension to the full featured and functionally rich ERP for Distribution Solution, designed to streamline and improve the performance of product fulfillment and logistic company operations to supply their clients additional services and real time access to information. The Fulfillment Manager was developed using Oracle's Internet Development tools. Coupled with the Oracle database, this makes them the front runner in technology compared to the competition. NDS’s ERP Solution and the Oracle technology equip you with a software solution that provides services for the fast expanding business to business e-commerce industry.


Here’s one example of how NDS’s ERP Solution has helped:

“In this time of economic turmoil we have to call upon all our resources to attract new clients and maintain current business. At AVC, we look to our strategic partners for support and counsel. NDS has proven to be one of these strategic partners coming up with the technology we needed to move forward. Without NDS we could have never landed some of our biggest clients. Furthermore, this moves AVC out to the forefront with new and advanced capabilities that our clients are now demanding. Great job NDS.”

-Moshe Begim, President of AVC Corporation
Read more about AVC's success story here

Additional Fulfillment Manager Features
  • 100% Oracle Software including Source Code
  • Flexible ERP system designed to meet your customer’s needs
  • Totally segregated ERP Applications for each client
  • Event driven Fulfillment Billing Calculator
  • Complete e-mail and fax capability
  • Instant access to all client information through the internet
  • Direct link to Third Party Manifest Systems
  • API’s provided to easily interface to other applications or EDI

The Fulfillment Manager Billing Calculator provide controls to automatically calculate a periods billing for a client according to their contract. The billing controls are user defined to be date sensitive, have multiple billing rates, define thresholds and allow billing on demand or event driven.

The below billing types are standard with the Fulfillment Billing Calculator. Other special billing types can be created for an additional fee.
  • Number of Orders, by carrier, by line items shipped
  • Number of Full or Partial cases shipped
  • Freight charge recovery
  • Purchase receiving by receiver and receiver lines
  • Average, maximum and number of bins used during a period or date
  • Number of Inventory transactions by type (Ship, Receive, Adjust, Put Away, etc.)
  • Bill by the Hour / mark-up of material / expense by project
  • Recurring Billings
  • Review / Modify before invoicing
  • Complete Audit Reports

The ERP for Fulfillment software is built on the highly scalable and affordable platform of Oracle technologies. Comprehensive, yet flexible, NDS enables product fulfillment companies to keep ahead of changing customer, market, and industry requirements so that they can stay in control of their business and its ongoing success.

The NDS ERP Solutions fit most  product fulfillment companies, wholesale distribution operations and discrete or repetitive manufacturers. To find out more about what the NDS ERP Solutions can do for your company, contact us.