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Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management includes Sales Quotations, Sales Orders and a dynamic Product Configurator. Quotes can be entered for either a prospect or a customer. Analysis of quotes that are won, lost or abandoned is provided to easily track close rates.

Sales Quotations

Sales Order Quotations are entered in much the same way as sales orders are. One click turns a quote into a sales order; no re-keying of data is required. Sales quotes can also be entered for prospects. The quotation automatically updates the forecast opportunities in the NDS sales force automation. The same great features that are available in sales order entries are available here.

Sales Order

Sales Orders encompasses the complete spectrum of customer order management. From customer credit to contract pricing, and from order entry to shipping confirmation, the use of this module is a significant step towards a complete distribution control system. Pricing schemes can be applied to match the various pricing strategies and algorithms required in a wide variety of markets. The provision for structuring customer-buying groups enables the tracking of sales history through deep distribution channels.  The customer credit management features are fully integrated with order entry and shipping confirmation to enforce various levels of credit hold.  Order limits and credit limits may be applied by customer or buying group. Sales commissions and royalties may be calculated for multiple sales reps per order, and may be based on product or total volumes of sales.

Sales Order Entry

Product Configurator

Modular items entered with the modular bill manager can be configured during sales order entry. After configuration, an assembly work order may be created or purchase order written. Configured items generate a unique bill of material and routing for use in the NDS Manufacturing modules. When the work order has been completed, the item can be shipped.

Product Configurator

Check out what our product configurator can do for you here!