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Service Warranty

The service warranty records problems with and service on warrantied items. It is integrated with accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales order processing, work order management, and inventory management. This integration allows vouchers, invoices, work orders, and sales orders to be generated and returned items to be returned to inventory under certain circumstances.

Service Warranty Maintenance

The features in this module include:
  • Integration with the following modules:
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Inventory Management
    • Sales Order Processing
    • Work Order Management
    • Return to Vendor Management
  • Can be generated based on existing sales order 
  • Return Bonus can be paid to a customer who has returned or will return the item
  • Service representative labor rates are set up individually for each customer so that different service labor rates can be charged for different customers
  • Vouchers can be generated for the cost of the failed item and/or for the return bonus
  • Repair work orders can be generated for the warrantied item
  • Customer accounts can be credited for failed items
  • Invoices for the return bonus can be generated if a customer was paid a return bonus but never returned the item
  • Sales orders are generated for the shipment of replacement items to the customer
  • Returned items that are not defective can be returned to inventory
  • The quantity on hand and ATP for replacement items is displayed
  • Separate ship-to, sold-to, statement-to, and bill-to addresses
  • Multiple ship-to and bill-to references
  • Substitute and supersede items
  • Automatic RMA generation for vendor items