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Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management is embedded in the core functionality of the NDS ERP application. As a result, there is no duplication of processes or transactions across multiple systems. Accurate, real-time inventory and associated processes together with the timely reporting of transaction activity enable warehouse staff to avoid wasting time looking for material, and promote confidence in sales staff that the stock availability numbers are reliable. Buyers are assured that they can plan to fine margins and avoid carrying just-in-case inventories.

Knowing where everything is, and knowing what needs to be done provides a warehouse environment which encourages efficient and lean distribution operations that deliver timeliness and accuracy to satisfied customers  -- and delivers lower distribution costs to the bottom line.

Distribution Replenishment

The Distribution Replenishment application provides for retail and distribution center replenishment. It performs reorder point calculations and generates orders automatically, or orders may be entered manually.  In addition, it may be used in conjunction with the work order release application to generate replenishment orders from MPS and MRP planned supply orders. Distribution Replenishment provides order / pick / pack / receive tracking, with various automatic print options for the transfer documents.