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Purchasing Management

The Purchasing application provides controls for the complete procurement process, from vendor quoting through receiving, inspection, material disposition, and material vendor returns. Vendor quotes are collected against items with multiple vendor price comparisons used by the system to recommend vendor selection for each purchase order.  Requisitions can be generated automatically from M.R.P. or can be entered by users. Once approved, requisitions can be automatically converted to P.O. lines. The receiving process includes an optional inspection procedure defined by item. An item may be received directly to a line stocking location, to a specific job, or simply to its primary stocking location.  In addition, the purchasing application works together with the work order management application to control the procurement and scheduling of outside services.

Supplier Quote Management

Price quotes can be maintained for each item provided by the supplier. Quantity price breaks, including discounts from list price are supported. Items can be purchased in multiple units or measure. Inquiries and reports are available to compare pricing for items purchased from multiple suppliers. Analysis can be performed based on current supplier or by sales of items by vendor. On-time delivery analysis and expediting of purchase orders are standard features.

Vendor Quote

Purchase Requisitions

Requisitions can be manually entered or generated automatically be the NDS planning programs. The requisition approval process insures that no requisitions can be converted to a purchase order without proper authorizations. Drop ship and purchase-to-order items can have purchase orders created automatically from the sales order or can be grouped for review and processing by a centralized purchasing agent.

Purchase Order Receiving

Purchase orders can be received directly into warehouse bin locations, or can be received into a central receiving location for distribution at a later time. Quality inspections can be preformed for any receipt. Inventory items can be designated for automatic inspection upon receipt. Cross-docking is fully supported. Each receipt of a purchase order is recorded on it’s own receiver record, allowing for detailed analysis of supplier performance.

P.O. Entry