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Sales Management

Sales Management includes lead and prospect management, sales force automation and Dunn & Bradstreet data collection.  The tools provided allow for the easy management of everything necessary to track marketing campaign costs and generate revenue.

Lead and Prospect Management

Lead and Prospect management is a powerful marketing campaign management tool that shortens the sales cycle, increases sales productivity and measures the effectiveness of marketing programs. As a result, it increases success of marketing programs that generate higher quality leads. Lead management is designed to make marketing efforts more effective and measure their performance from lead inception thru the life of the customer. Compare number of leads generated and number of leads closed; compare cost of marketing programs to the revenues generated; conduct R.O.I. analysis; analyze individual campaigns or compare effectiveness of several campaigns simultaneously. Lead management provides you the tool for making effective decisions and to consistently achieve your sales target. Whether you want to work with leads from trade shows, inbound calls, purchased lists, web sites, e-mails, seminars, or bingo cards, leads are entered automatically or can be easily imported into the system. Lead management automatically tracks the source of leads to provide you with the information necessary to make effective decisions, and to allocate marketing resources in the right direction, thus increasing effectiveness of your marketing dollars and increasing R.O.I.

Sales Force Automation

Sales force in our distribution software provides the sales people the ability to view contacts and activities, generate quotations to establish forecasts and store all communications with accounts and contacts while management is able to view and build reports on business opportunities. Sales force centralizes your company’s sales prospect database for better control, security and communication for your sales organization. Your sales force will streamline the qualification process by capturing the detailed prospect profiles. Product interest, budget amount, purchase time frame, competitive landscape, decision makers, decision process, features sought, can all be recorded for use by direct sales force. Prospect status codes provide tracking capability to establish funnel forecasting.

Dunn & Bradstreet Collection

The Dunn & Bradstreet collection allows users to enter and maintain marketing data for customers. Once this data has been entered for customers, it can be analyzed by custom reports to help direct product marketing to the customers that can benefit the most from those products.