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Financial Management

All of the Finance Software applications are fully integrated with each other. NDS Accounting Programs can also be used in various stand alone environments.

The solution boasts an advanced financial management module, which forms the foundation for the entire suite of applications. In addition to the core accounting functionality, NDS also provides for budgeting, allocations, consolidations, fixed asset tracking, multi-currency and cash management capabilities. This product offers a broad selection of feature-rich modules that empower managers with the information they need to make profit and growth driven decisions. At the heart of every solution is a robust, yet easy-to-use accounting system. From the General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, NDS ERP Solutions offer the features and functionality you need to streamline all bookkeeping and accounting processes.

Now more than ever, your ability to manage growth, control costs, and respond rapidly to change is directly related to the flexibility and scalability of your enterprise software system. Managing high growth is critical because doubling revenues in financial services can create exponential increases in accounting data throughout the organization. 

NDS Systems develops long range solutions to help companies meet the challenges of today’s dynamic and competitive environment.
  • Automate: Automating manual processes allows for greater overall process efficiency and helps reduce paper trails that result in human errors.
  • Integrate: Integrating processes and information within an organization provides greater synergy, efficiency, and effectiveness back to the business. NDS optimizes business through integration capabilities that link service management applications to any business process in the organization.
  • Adapt: Fast-paced modern organizations require that business processes react to changes in the business, often unexpectedly and in real-time. NDS provides complete flexibility for customizing and enhancing every aspect of an automated process.
  • Manage: Understanding process limitations and bottlenecks allows management to make proactive decisions about what might need to change to improve overall process success. NDS provides all the means required to successfully manage business processes in real-time and to be instantly alerted when events are about to occur.


General Ledger

The General Ledger is a complete multi-company and multi-currency system. The General Ledger includes an extremely flexible chart of accounts and accounting calendar, giving enterprises the freedom to expand successful business practices. This structure provides the financial manager with a flexible accounting system for tracking the business. Implemented in its simplest form, this module is a streamlined, quick and effective financial management system offering flexible accounting and budgeting tools. In its full capacity, the general ledger will satisfy an international company with multiple consolidations, account level forecasting and flex budgeting. The General Ledger has many built in formulas for analyzing the financial health of the company. Controllers may extend these by changing the way that they work or by adding new calculations which better suit them.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable provides for the entry, maintenance and tracking of vendors in the purchasing application. Accounts Payable helps management analyze discounts, monitor vendor performance, and track a company's cash requirements. All transactions are held on an open item basis and may be inquired upon at any time. Integrated with the General Ledger’s multiple organization account structure, Accounts Payable can be managed across multiple organizations and banks, each with separate General Ledger posting accounts for accounts payable, cash, and discounts.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable allows for the entry, maintenance and tracking of customer invoices and payment transactions. On-line access to customer credit and account aging information provides immediate controls for management. Problem accounts can be quickly and clearly identified, enabling a company to effectively focus its collection efforts, and proactively manage cash flow. Invoicing is driven by shipments to customers or one-step invoicing may be used. In the one-step process, the order entry and shipping steps are avoided and the sale and shipment recorded in one entry. In both cases, the ordering process takes into account customer specific pricing and discounts, and feeds those into the invoicing process. Flexibility is built in with adjustment capabilities, customer deposit processing, on-account cash receipts and multi-bank cash receipts. Cash entries have automatic application and write off capability, as well as application of on account cash entered previously.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation provides the ability to reconcile your bank statement with the checks and deposits entered in the application.  During reconciliation, deposit and payment information is retrieved from Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable and compared to the actual general ledger account balance for your bank account. For transactions such as bank fees that are not entered in the application, user defined transaction records can be set up for consideration in the reconciliation and subsequent posting to the general ledger.

Accounting for Commitments

Payment commitments to vendors are entered into the general ledger with this interface.  Commitments are automatically generated and posted to the general ledger throughout the purchasing, receiving, and payment process. Commitments are closed automatically when the voucher generated for the purchase order is paid, or they can be closed manually at any time.

Fixed Assets

Tracking assets is a concern of every company, regardless of size. Many organizations face the challenge of tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, and deprecation of their fixed assets and having this information on hand can save you thousands of dollars. The NDS Applications Fixed Asset Module includes the features that you need to easily handle your fixed assets.