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Additional System Features

System Common Features include the Menu System, Drill Down, Auditing, Renumbering, Support Requests/Problem Reporting, Setup Wizard, and User Utilities applications. Productivity tools save time and increase efficiency by performing special tasks quickly and easily. All productivity tools fully integrate with NDS Applications and are available through our Online Service. NDS is continually developing new productivity tools. Listed below are just a few of our tools that complement and enhance our already robust applications. These tools will help with all aspects of your business functions and ultimately save valuable time.

User Maintainable Menu System

NDS is menu assisted not menu driven. The NDS Menu System expandable/collapsible tree style menu allows individual user menus to be created and displayed by user login. Menu consists of meta data, therefore custom modifications and additions are made to data, not the programming.

User Definable Drill Down

Drill down is used to access and run other programs from within a program. The data displayed on the source screen is carried forward to the target screen or report and used as the basis for automatic query and display. A user can drill down through as many programs as they like. Drill down definitions can be extended indefinitely by system administrators or end users with no programming at all.


Audit trails can be set up to track any table or column that exists in the system, including custom tables and columns. The system is shipped with a number of audit trails already set up for critical tables, but these trails can be easily modified.

Key Field Renumbering

Key information, such as item numbers, vendor numbers, customer numbers and code values can be changed in the system to a new value. The program scans the entire database and changes all occurrences from the old value to the new value.

User Utilities

Utility programs and reports are included in the system to assist programmers and system administrators with troubleshooting, debugging, and gathering information to customize the system. The system comes complete with cross references, 'where used' data, other schema and program analysis tools.

Document Management

Our Document Management feature allows you to upload and store files, such as images, spreadsheets, documents, etc, which can be accessed from within NDS. These files can be linked to specific customers, items, vendors, purchase orders, sales orders and work orders. Documents are available from any screen that displays the linked item, customer, purchase order, etc.


Data from any table or view can be easily exported to csv files for use in external applications, such as Excel. This same tool can also import data, although there are some limitations to the tables that can imported into.

Anytime, Anywhere Web Access

With access anytime, through an internet connection and a browser, you and your employees can manage the business virtually anywhere.


The Workflows are designed to facilitate the passing of documents and information from one person in an organization to another. The workflows center on the idea of an event. A workflow event is a document or piece of information that needs to be communicated to a particular person.

Email and Fax Capabilities

Supplier and customer-related documents, such as purchase orders, quotes, order acknowledgements, invoices and statements can be emailed or faxed directly within the NDS application. These can be sent individually or by a batch process. Internal workflows can be setup to send emails along with the internal notification or email only. The fax feature must be integrated with a third-party fax software product.

EDI External Interface

Create sales orders from EDI 850 transactions entered in external programs. Standard information from the transaction must exist in NDS before a sales order can be created. Once sales orders have been created from the EDI transactions, the transactions can be purged from the system.


Transform your data into interactive and compelling charts, graphs and reports. Customize your own dashboards or use preconfigured ones. See your key business functions at a glance, in real time. Real Time dashboards show data from all your departments, so you and your employees can spend more time analyzing and acting on data rather than gathering it. (Available with the NDS Xephr software.)

Customizable Reporting

In addition to the standard reports, NDS allows you to customize your own reports. Addressing all the needs of your users, we offer basic to advanced report writing. (Available with the NDS Xephr software.)

Export Reports

Export reports via the web in HTML, XML, Excel or PDF form. Read and write standards for web-based services. (Available with the NDS Xephr software.)