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ERP Global Distribution

ERP For Distribution

The NDS ERP Solution for Distribution includes a highly functional and well proven capability to support both 'buy-hold-sell' and 'sell-source-ship' processes in your business. Features include the ability to process scheduled, back-to-back and direct orders, automatic accessory selection and configure-to-order facilities. By using the order capture processes, the back office accounting for inventory management and order fulfillment for all areas of your businesses, you will have a common real-time view across the full order life-cycle. By using this approach, significant advances can be made in both customer service and time reduction between order capture and shipment because the system will ensure that people are informed when they need to do something. It also provides distributors with such tools as quoting, commission tracking, and sales analysis, as well as fully integrated accounting, order processing, inventory, warehouse management and purchasing.

NDS’s ERP for Distribution fully integrates a distributor's operations, allows immediate sharing of information between departments and permits flexible on-line inquiry into virtually any kind of information. The Distribution Solution also supports Distributors who may have value added services, such as, kitting, light assembly and warranty repair.

Here’s one example of how NDS’s ERP Solution has helped:

"The multi-enterprise capabilities of the NDS ERP applications allow Reid Entities to manage all our distribution and manufacturing operations in a single system both financially and operationally. The NDS cross-docking feature has enabled our distribution company, Reid Supply, to successfully employ the ’sell, source, ship’ model. Notable is the significant increase in material, which is cross-docked from receiving to shipping, eliminating a large number of inventory touches."

- Joe Allmond, MIS Director of Reid Entities
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The ERP for Distribution software is built on the highly scalable and affordable platform of Oracle technologies. Comprehensive, yet flexible, NDS enables distributors to keep ahead of changing customer, market, and industry requirements so that they can stay in control of their business and its ongoing success.

The NDS ERP Solutions fit most wholesale distribution operations, fulfillment companies and manufacturers with extensive dealer networks. To find out more about what the NDS ERP Solutions can do for your company, contact us.