May 2019 : News, Strategies & Insights

Oracle WebLogic Vulnerability Actively Being Exploited in the Wild

An insecure deserialization vulnerability has been reported in Oracle WebLogic server. This vulnerability is due to insufficient validation of XML data within the body of HTTP POST requests. A remote attacker can exploit this vulnerability without authentication. Successful exploitation can result in arbitrary code execution under the context of the affected server.    Read More

Report Suggests a Shift in Cost-Reduction Mentality

Companies are no less eager than ever to take out costs. However, the strategic mindset behind cost-reduction efforts has shifted over the past two years, a new report asserts.

In Deloitte’s first biennial global cost survey, in 2017, respondents were in “save-to-grow” mode, with companies around the world typically using cost reduction to help fund growth initiatives in an improving economy.     Read More

6 Robotic Trends Taking Over Manufacturing

Manufacturers incorporation and adaptation of robotics has developers at work right now, and their innovations likely to influence manufacturing sooner than you expect.  Read More

Solving the Three Toughest Challenges in E-commerce Fulfillment - DHL Supply Chain North America

There's good news and bad news on the e-commerce front. The good news is that e-commerce is providing continued growth across a wide range of businesses, from retailers to manufacturers to distributors.  Read More

Unearthing Resistance to Change: Why It Matters 

Resistance left buried produces frustrated and disenchanted employees, turnover, and increased cost and delays. At worst, change never happens at all.  Read More